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Younity: specialists, together, for you.

Who we are

Younity is a law firm specialising in legal services in the field of human resources and statutory and occupational pensions, both in the private and in the public sector.

Founded by lawyers renowned in their areas of expertise and hailing from major city law firms, Younity is a firm with a human scale that aims to foster close relations with its clients.

Our independence and our firm foothold on the Belgian legal scene are essential to our practice. Our partnerships in other countries enable us to also handle cases with an international dimension.

Our practice areas

Because of their complexity, social law and pensions law are not amenable to a broad-brush approach. In these areas, only a firm of specialists can serve you with excellence, pragmatism and efficiency.

Our expertise draws on many years of enthusiastic investment in support of our clients. Our experience is further enhanced by our college and university teaching positions, appointments to the bench, the conferences and training courses that we run, and the numerous reference works and articles that we publish.

For you

In an environment where change is accelerating and bringing ever more complexity to the HR picture, we work together with you to make your life as easy as possible.

Our chief priority is to get to know you, to understand what it is you’re looking for and to target your needs: because being an expert on the law means nothing without an understanding of the issues; because a legal adviser is worthless unless he helps you take the right decision at the right time and armed with all the facts.

We therefore believe that it’s our job to also know yours.